Thursday, February 03, 2005

A post only slightly related to Bob Schieffer news

I love D Magazine’s FrontBurner. It's a daily, dishy Dallas must-read -- unlike Dallas Morning News' blog which has never held my attention. D Magazine's blog is also what got me to re-discover the magazine. But last month's print version of D Magazine kinda left me scratching my head. That issue featured a Tracy Rowlett interview with Bob Schieffer that was incomplete – for the whole interview, the reader was directed online. That’s right. I paid for a magazine but had to go online to get content that was, at that time, free to everyone.

This isn’t creating “synergy” with online content or building “awareness” for your site. This is creating irritation – for consumers who bought your product. To read the once-free interview online now, you'll have to pay, a situation Newsosaur may not approve of If D Magazine were tracking readers driven to the site by the magazine, I'd understand but that wasn't the case. So what's up? I dunno. I’m an ad person, not an editor or publisher. Most of all, though, I’m just a slightly annoyed consumer.

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