Monday, February 28, 2005

As if I know what I'm talking about

A few days ago, I said Jeff Gordon looks like a generic golf pro. I stand by that statement but I do not mean to discount his now-obvious greatness. If people hate achievement, they love their pre-conceptions: New Yorkers will never build a Wal-Mart and Southerners will never love Gordon.

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Brian said...

You're right, he does look like a generic golf pro! His on-screen personality (and maybe off-screen, who knows?) is generic, too.

He's the only driver in the top 10 who didn't endorse Bush last fall. He didn't endorse anyone.

Reminder: Australian GP this weekend. Go Schumacher!

I like your post on extreme publicity. Richard Branson, the Virgin billionaire, is a believer in the idea.