Wednesday, September 20, 2006

America's dancer

Since, clearly, I will defend to the death an NFL player's right to cha-cha, of course I'm watching Emmitt Smith on Dancing With The Stars. So far: cute! In fact, somehow, dancing Emmitt seems a little more likeable and fan-friendly than running Emmitt.

But it never hurts to get an expert opinion. Ed Bark, over to you: "Emmitt Smith gamely juked his way to another solid 24 score on Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars, which there's a MAN LAW against watching. So I watched it in a dress, heavy makeup and high heels." Well at least one person has an open mind.

If you still think reality shows demean stars and legends, just remember: Charo's likeable Geico spot is a direct result of The Surreal Life and Vera Wang's guest appearances on Project Runway conveniently coincided with a brand new product line. It's possible they don't feel that demeaned right now.

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