Monday, September 18, 2006

The mancation: kill me now

It's for real: "The Regent South among businesses nationwide targeting guys vacationing - or as they like to say, mancationing - with friends. They are offering everything from poker parties to hand-rolled cigars, buckets of beer to sports tickets, all in hopes of tapping a growing market. 'These trips are about a group of people that most likely met in college and are sort of just extending their yesterdays,' said Josh Lesnick, president of I'm in!, a business founded last year that helps organize trips for groups of men."

What's the female equivalent of this? Is there one? And does it, too, end in hangovers and gambling debts?


Michael said...

Buger King gave up trying to maket to anybody except men. Now they're making money hand over fist

Irene Done said...

Yep. Offhand, I can think of 10-12 guys I know who would avail themselves of something like this. And as the article finally gets around to telling us, this is just the modern-day version of hunting trips, etc.

But I still can't think of anything like it for women. A spa getaway? Shopping trips? I don't know and that worries me. Am I missing out on big-time girl-fun?

Anonymous said...

Sweets - the girl version is shoe shopping at Saks or Neimans. Maybe a massage at the day spa and a flirt over over a two-martini lunch. If we are traveling in a pack, it's for a bachelorette party (um, gross).