Thursday, September 07, 2006

The bold and the beautiful. Sorta.

These are the newest faces of MAC cosmetics: Dita Von Teese, Lisa Marie Presley, Eve and Debbie Harry. They're part of what MAC president John Dempsey calls an effort to "cut through the clutter" and they join the already successfully controversial Sandra Bernhard as brand spokespeople.

And behold! They all pop up today in Lloyd Grove's column. But wouldn't a Page Six mention have been far, far preferable? I mean Mariah's fake tan beat them out, a sure sign that MAC's choices may not be truly top-notch provocateurs. How could that be? Oh yeah: MAC is an Estee Lauder brand. These are just the kind of women Aerin Lauder would think of as "edgy." Maybe she's right. They sure seem to excel at the terrorism jokes. That's clutter-cutting!


Michael said...

If you serious about the dallas convention let me know and I'll look you up

suzanh said...


What is wrong with people? O.k., I actually dig Eve, but Lisa Marie has dropped considerably since she married that scourge Nicolas Nepotism Cage. And Dita? Fabulous, but holy mother of god - Marilyn Manson? Yech.

And I LOATHE LOATHE LOATHE Sandra Bernhard. She is an idiot.

Anyhoo, maybe I'll hit the Dallas convention, too!

Irene Done said...

Michael -- I am serious about the Dallas convention. I went to a Barbie convention years ago and had a great time. It'd be fun to see you.

Suzanh -- You know, at first I thought MAC had made some interesting, offbeat choices. But then when I looked at them, I thought it looked so formulaic: someone for every demographic. And yeah: skeeves. B-list skeeves, too. Pleeeeze hit the Dallas convention. It's genuinely fun.