Thursday, September 28, 2006

Laura Bennett just made me feel sorta fabulously glamorous

I don't think you have to be a gay man to admire Laura Bennett but it evidently helps. Me? I love the woman. And that's even before she made this comment: "The only thing I ever wanted to be besides an architect was -- I loved commercials and advertising and logos and I loved the idea of capturing an audience in 30 seconds with one tiny sentence. So advertising was the only other career that I ever considered besides architecture."

ADDED: The notgaynotthattheresanythingwrongwiththat American Copywriter comments, "I'll be honest, I would like for her to teach me in the ways of love." See? There's no limit to this woman's appeal!

And I can't believe I forgot to include this quote from an Angela interview: "Laura said something I will never forget: 'You have to have an original design idea, and every single piece must refer back to that design idea.'" Proof that Laura Bennett would have been a fabulous creative director.


Anonymous said...

And that quote is just one more reason that she should win Project Runway this season. That and all the fabulous, fabulous party dresses.

Irene Done said...

I know I tend to be a little over the top when it comes to reality show contestants -- I still believe Diane Eng could be a tween-girl style brand unto herself -- but isn't Laura Bennett a gem? So utterly entertaining. Such impeccable taste. Just the other day, I was telling a friend if Laura Bennett launched her own clothing line, wrote a style guide, hosted a TV show -- whatever-- I'd be interested. She has a unique kind of genius. And, yes, the best cocktail dresses ever!

American Copywriter said...

I like her because she's such a straight shooter. I imagine that some people assume she's a bitch. In some ways she may be, however, I think she is just frank. Which is refreshing. Plus, I'll be honest, I would like for her to teach me in the ways of love. Do you ever think the judges are just so wishy-washy? Show us something different! Why did you show us something different?!

Anonymous said...

I left out fabulously glamorous GROWNUP. She designs for people who don't need to reveal their coochiecoos (although she does love a plunging neckline!) But my feeling on the plunging neckline is you can always use "Hollywood" (double sided sticky tape) and make sure the puppies don't fall out. But her proportions, her fabric choices, the lengths are always, always, always correct. And I LOVED the Paris gown with the long sleeves - I felt bad that the collar got so mushed on the trip to NY. 'Nuff said - Laura Bennet is fabulous. I shall blog her soon.

PS - the judges need to have their medications aligned. Everybody up or everybody down - but Michael K. and Nina (Garthia), puh-leez, I am so over them.

Irene Done said...

Yes: GROWNUP. That's why Camilla is a true genius in her own right. There's something about Camilla that is really adult, elegant, dignified and sweet. And it was Camilla -- humiliated we can only assume by the Jubilee Jumbles dog outfit -- who chose Laura. Brilliant. It's hard now to envision any of those other models in Laura's designs.

Do the runway critiques ever remind anyone of portfolio class? Internal team meetings? Client presentations? Or am I the only loser?

Anonymous said...

Team meetings definitely. The kind where (really nice) account peeps ask for an italic font for an on-screen presentation (GAH!)

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the only job laura has had as "architect" is working for her husband... which makes her a kind of fraud..

Women just can't go have five children while working, the employer doesn't like it..

I wonder if she's always been on the payroll from home, never has been in the office. Would explain why she was eaten alive.

Sue said...

I suppose an insight into why Laura tries to look so old is that her husband is so very old looking.

Why doesn't he try to meet her halfway by dyeing his white hair?