Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are you telling me there won't be cocktail recipes?

Yesterday I bought Body + Soul just to see if Martha Stewart Apprentice winner Dawna really did end up working there. And sure enough, she pops up on page 50 to answer questions about her own everyday diet: "They asked me about my beverage choices. 'Mostly water. A few cups of green tea a day. An occasional decaf soy latte. And lots of herbal tea: I love dandelion especially.'"

Immediately I regretted that Jim hadn't won.

Oh well. That's all in the cancelled past. Now: on to Celebrity Duets!

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James-H said...

I'd also prefer reading about crazy Jim spiking his soy lattes with Jack Daniels and hitting on Martha's interns. Except that Body + Soul is about as much of a draw for me as Snakes on A Plane II. Reeeowr.