Sunday, August 27, 2006

From the city of famous oilmen. Like Perot, Hicks and Cuban.

If you're like me, when you want a fresh and unexpected take on the Dallas fashion scene, you turn immediately to the New York Times. And as you'd hope, they totally avoid the cliches:

"Texas style is not all cowboy boots and big hair. Just ask Brian Bolke and Shelly Musselman, the proprietors of Forty Five Ten, a ranch-size but boutique-minded clothing-and-home-furnishings store."

I really don't understand why some people hate the Times. It's not like the paper's tone is condescending or predictable or anything.

Still, when I read that "Even the oil-rich need to tighten their belts sometimes," I have to wonder. Do Times fashion writers ever read the business section? Because oil is sorta doing OK right now. And Dallas has always been home to plenty of wealthy people who made their money in business not oil. Besides, the rich here never tighten their belts. They just go off-shore.

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