Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aw, they're calling it "Cuddleweave"

In what AdAge calls a "neck-and-neck" race -- really AdAge: do you see the missed opportunity there? -- diaper manufacturers keep trying to win over the breeders with the same old new-and-improved product innovations.

Well, innovate all you want. If it's true that retailers often sell diapers as a loss leader, then price is still the most important feature here, isn't it? And what more can you do with a diaper? Doesn't it say something that Kimberly-Clark's most recent diaper-selling success wasn't a diaper at all but SunSignals, sunburn-sensing skin patches that were included in each pack of swim pants?

So good luck with all the new stuff. Sounds like it will dramatically improve the quality of life for mom and baby alike. As long as it's cheap.

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