Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Aerin Lauder thinks you need to moisturize, clean your desk

Why aren't you buying Estee Lauder anymore? Is it Aerin Lauder? She creep you out? Yeah, thought so. I mean, talk about your off-putting ubiquity. Just when you assumed that Oscars dress ruined her, she shows up in Domino magazine last month telling you how to organize your office. Antique chairs -- practical!

So when the CEO William Lauder says, "'what we do best: creating excitement for our brands and products,'" I'm a little confused. Aerin's publicity people do an impressive job but, you know, it's not working.

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Anonymous said...

I am not buying Estee Lauder anymore because there has been nothing exciting about the brand for over a year. The Tom Ford hype was a bust, and Gwenyth is a little cold for me. I can't even identify the target market - seems like the younger set with the glosses but an older set with the retro Azuree stuff. I liked the little boxes of eye shadow - they were fun to display, but even those have been changed back to unexciting compacts. I was waiting for a big fall line and some hype. Instead I am thinking of selling my EL stock.