Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Robert Best: reaching out, making friends

Via BPR comes proof that Mattel's designer is, aside from being cute as a button, so quotable: "Barbie rocks my world. She’s awesome. One thing I have found interesting working on Barbie is how many opinions people have about her. She can be a love or hate thing for people. You hear how she’s caused people to have eating disorders. I think those people are whiners and they should shut the fuck up. Stop blaming a doll for your problems. It’s amazing that she’s a fashion icon and a legend. I think I’ve reached more people designing for Barbie than I ever did when I was working in high fashion."

He's exactly right. Which may prove that Barbie's still a successful brand. At least among non-eating-disorder-affected women and gay men.


Make the logo bigger said...

“I think people who humanize dolls by assigning inspirational qualities to them should take their own advice."

But that's just me.

Irene Done said...

I'm a little confused by that statement. Maybe I'll bring it up at my next Barbie Club meeting -- the one where we plan to discuss the new Bob Mackie Holiday Barbie and how she's so stylish and beautiful, she actually makes us feel closer to the baby Jesus.

Yes, I'm positive the club will help me understand what you mean. As Barbie keeps telling us, "We girls can do anything!"

Make the logo bigger said...

Sorry. I was going for hip and failed.

Failed miserably I did.

Translation: The designer needs to STFU themselves considering they’re gushing over a doll.

A doll that has not failed miserably btw.

Irene Done said...

MTLB! I may be the one who failed here. I know what you meant. You have a point. But trust me, the world of Barbie collectors (which is who Robert Best designs for) loves that quote. I love that quote because it reveals that Robert Best has true affection and respect for his audience/consumers. And I might gushingly humanize Barbie too if I became a famous, successful designer because of Mattel.

I'm going to try to STFU now about Project Runway. I'm afraid I'm jinxing my favorite contestants.

Make the logo bigger said...

My pledge of Kwality to you: I will never be Barbie-Friendly 2.0, I just won't.

I can't.

Anonymous said...
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