Monday, August 14, 2006

Shit. Another Barbie post.

Since there is little love for Robert Best on the internets lately -- so very little love -- I feel compelled to stick up for the boy. First, never forget: silkstones. C'mon! Without the talent and vision of Robert Best, I'd have to fill my shelves with books or something.

But for true fashion insight, there's Diane von Furstenberg (or Mrs. Barry Diller when addressing all social correspondence. Does that fuck with your mind? Mine too!). Observe how she goes totally Lloyd Benson while judging Robert Best's Jackie O design:

"On the runway...we had an interesting dialogue with all the judges, with the exception of Diane, saying ‘Jackie would never wear this!’...Robert, to his credit, said with sincerity, ‘Well, I believe she would have. Jackie is a serious fashion icon, and I understand her and her point of view, and I really did this for her!’ [Judges:] ‘Well we don’t—it’s not very believable.’ Diane said, ‘Well, you know something? I knew Jackie, and I knew her very well. And she would wear this.’"

So there. Barbie guy apparently does know what he's doing. And the re-sale value of my collection is safe. Whew!

ADDED: Yeah, I just used Benson's old JFK reference to characterize a modern-day designer's defense of a Jacqueline Kennedy image-update. Questions? Concerns?

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