Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"EDS employees have been through several years of nearly continuous job cuts."

It's always the same story out of Plano. But I can't help feeling this latest Dallas Morning News article was at least partially written by George Orwell: "With sales on the rise, Electronic Data Systems Corp. is taking the opportunity to accelerate job cuts."

UPDATE: OK. Now they're just fucking with us. Starbucks jumps on the Orwellian bandwagon and blames recent poor sales on the popularity of their summer drinks. That's right. Sales are down because of too many sales. Read it and see if your head doesn't explode.


HighJive said...

EDS sounds like it's related to erectile dysfunction. or feminine deodorant spray.

Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

Both very synergistic moves I might add.

“Downsizing to serve you better.”