Tuesday, August 08, 2006

That's former boxer and nightclub singer Mitch Albom

I'm kinda sick of Mitch Albom and it's not just because he tends to punch up his columns with things that never, in fact, happened. But Starbucks likes him: "Beginning Oct. 3, a week after the book becomes available in traditional retail stores, Starbucks will begin selling 'For One More Day' at stores nationwide. Albom will make appearances at stores in eight cities...and take part in a video conversation that will be available online. On Oct. 26, Starbucks will host customer-led discussion groups at 25 stores nationwide."

Maybe that makes sense. Albom has come to represent a certain spirit of community involvement and charity that fits with the Starbucks image. Also, Albom's writing can be the perfect antidote for overcaffeination. Still, you have to wonder: will all the kids like him?

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