Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Julia Roberts

Of all the harsh comments over the weekend -- "Julia's Comeback? Audiences Say Go Back" -- this is the cruelest: "it’s really hard to believe Clive Owen would spot Julia Roberts across the patio at a party and hurl himself at her as if she were Scarlett Johansson. If Clive Owen is going to make a move on Julia Roberts, it’s going to be the 30-year-old Julia, not today’s Julia. Clive Owen is one of the most attractive men on earth, but you could go to any college campus and find 100 women more attractive than the 40-year-old version of Julia."

I mean. Julia Roberts may or may not be annoying but she has definitely aged well.

Would anyone write something so devastating about a 40-something male star? About someone like Nicolas Cage? Let's see: "with few detours from the action star/blockbuster track upon which Cage has trod with particularly graceless aplomb, and virtually no humor at all, except on top of his head, where his hair is continual source of mirth and mystery, because you never know what it's going to do, where it's going to go or to whom it once belonged....Cage isn't a sex symbol and -- stripped of the existential complexity of his early roles -- he's not that interesting to watch."

Well, all right! I feel better.


Anonymous said...

O.k., I am no Julia Roberts fan [what a wretched, wretched actor] however, she does look pretty much the same as she did at 30. Or whenever she did Erin Brokovich [which I just watched].

Seriously. What a load of shit.

Loved the Nicholas Cage thing. he is far more wretched and it's hard to watch anything he's in.


Irene Done said...

I've always thought of Roberts as kind of irritating, mostly because of offscreen things like turning Denzel Washington's Oscar moment into something all about herself. But I wonder if she's becoming the new Diane Keaton -- a really attractive older actress that, for whatever reason, female moviegoers admire. Stories that might not seem believable to a critic might be very compelling for women who are 40+ and want to think they still got it. Wonder what Diane Lane would say.

Oh. Maybe I'm taking that review really personally. But don't even get me started on how believable it is or isn't when saggy old actors are cast as romantic leads.