Thursday, March 26, 2009

"'She is carrying on her head all of our problems and they are buried deep beneath her hair.'"

That description of Cameroonian First Lady Chantal Biya is my favorite sentence from this month's Monocle. It might be my favorite sentence ever. See if you think it's accurate. Do you? What on earth would possess a woman to wear her hair like that? I can't imagine!

Monocle is a sort of marvel. It's informative but not troubling. Every place in the world looks interesting. Lengthy surveys of Mexico don't have to address drug cartel problems. Dior, Cartier and Ermenegildo Zegna still buy ad pages! It's like a grownup, degreed, moneyed version of Disney's It's a Small World ride. Complete with its own souvenir stand.


Make the logo bigger said...

That has to be a guy.

Irene Done said...

Either that, or that has to be a guy hiding in her hair.