Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The most provocative sentence I've read this morning

"Instead of creating over-the-top items aimed at grabbing attention for a brand, Paris's designers are selling wearable clothes to people who can afford them."

I think that counts as a great first line. Here's the whole thing, with the most provocative paragraph I've read this morning: "That's the problem with buzz-generating marketing strategies. These days, you can't take buzz to the bank. Chanel's Elizabethan and Victorian collars and Lucite-type handbags drew Kate Moss and other celebrities on Tuesday and included a near-violent paparazzi scrum. But Zeta Interactive, a New York digital-marketing agency, uncovered a less-positive reaction when it monitored talk about the six top Paris designers' shows on more than 100 million blogs, message boards and other Internet outlets. While Chanel's show generated the highest volume of chatter, Yves St. Laurent and Lanvin's more staid shows were more positively received, receiving 98% positive responses, compared with Chanel's 79%. 'What we saw from the Paris fashion shows was that more online chatter did not necessarily equate to better brand reputation,' says Zeta's chief executive, Al DiGuido. Akris had some of the lowest brand chatter that Zeta measured, but its runway show was full of paying customers."

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