Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Red Bull Crashed Ice event makes SportsCenter's Top 10 and I have a lot of questions

Did you see the highlights last night? Did it seem to come out of nowhere? Has Red Bull invented another sport and was it a sort of product placement arrangement?

And! Did you read Le Anne Shreiber's last ombudsman letter? "So what's the one last message I want to leave ESPN? I guess it would have to be: Don't be so predictable. Subtext: Stop trying to make the publicity-rich ever richer." That seems right. Is this: "It is too late for ESPN to dial it back or dumb it down, too late to satisfy the savvy core audience it created with the thin gruel of sound bites, shouting heads and the celebrations of the obvious. If it wants to sustain its success, ESPN has no choice but to keep getting smarter. Its audience demands it." I'm not sure about this part. Somebody ask ARod and TO what they think.

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