Friday, March 20, 2009

These are the buildings in my neighborhood

The WaMu banks that never were: "the former Washington Mutual location at Greenville Avenue and Milton Street in Dallas – never even had a chance to open....'They spent about $1 million on the facility but never moved in,' said Dallas real estate broker Leland Burk." For this, we lost a friendly neighborhood strip club.

And then: "Another WaMu branch was in developer Mike Hopkins' project on Skillman Street...Hopkins leveled a 2-acre hillside site in front of a Home Depot store to make way for the WaMu building and new retail....But the new building could also be demolished if a larger retailer is interested in the busy location." Just a year ago, developers sure thought the site had tons of potential and I assume that plans for a nearby WalMart grocery store are still a go. At least, I hope those plans are still a go. WalMart's doing OK and it would be an improvement over the neighborhood's car title loan places and the billboard that recruits subjects for medical studies. As long as nothing touches Keller's, we're OK.

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