Friday, September 16, 2005

Blockbuster: "stock price, schmock price."

It was their rival who warned about poor performance but it was Blockbuster who took it in the shorts. Today their share price hit an all-time low and people are starting to talk.

Are things really that bad? While Carl Icahn was going WWF on the CEO last spring, Blockbuster was testing new video on demand in the UK -- even though Blockbuster "believes that because studios can earn more from DVDs than video-on-demand, the studios will have a vested interest in supporting the older technology." So they may not be groundbreakers but they do know how to hedge their bets. Let's hope, at least for the sake of the Dallas workforce, that Blockbuster knows a little something. Because it's pretty clear that no one wants to leave the house to rent movies. Even from McDonalds.

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