Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Your mother was right: Paul is the cutest

Of course, no discussion of Fidelity's new campaign can avoid the accusation that Paul McCartney has sold out. At least Slate's Seth Stevenson puts it in context: "I'm not sure that the concept of selling out has much traction anymore. The battle is over, and the sellouts have won."

Besides, if you had to watch Michael Jackson fund Neverland with profits he made selling your band's songs, what would you do? That alone should end the discussion. Best just to enjoy all the old footage of Paul.

If we're still troubled by the celebrity sell-out, Grant McCracken gently tells us to lighten up Francis. He declares the Amex My Card, My Life spots -- celebrating the wildly different personalities of Ellen DeGeneres, Tiger Woods and Robert DeNiro -- to be a victory of individualism over the uniformity and conformity of the brand. The result: "contemporary culture is now the beneficiary of more interesting advertising which in turn serves as an inducement to more difference....Whatever else these ads are about, they celebrate personal expression." Not selling out, just celebrating -- let's say it together. Or individually. Whatever you prefer.

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