Thursday, May 25, 2006

Faye Dunaway breaks my heart

Was this really necessary? If only she'd shown some measure of restraint, she could have had a glamorous and lucrative endorsement deal.

Which reminds me. Ever since I saw Angie Dickinson on Celebrity Poker Showdown, I've felt like I finally found a role model in life. Thassa dame!


suzanh said...

Eeeww. Check out the rest of what Faye D is wearing at You'll poke out your eyes.

Good for L'Oreal. Was it Lancome that ditched Isabella Rossellini because she was old? I mean, WTF-Isabella Rossellini isn't good enough for you? She's GORGEOUS. Sure, it's genetics, but you'd think Lancome (or whoever) would try to hold on to some of that.

Irene Done said...

Oh dear. Faye Dunway has, officially, lost it. Cling to Angie. Must cling to Angie.

I had forgotten about Isabella Rossellini -- did they replace her with Liz Hurley? Because how brilliant to trade a luminous, intelligent and classic beauty for a girl who hosts spanking parties.

I should be immune to it but when I read that someone like Diane Keaton has signed on to promote a brand, I get kinda excited.