Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Steve Jobs is a genius; Diane Mermigas not far behind

Not everyone was quick to praise the new Nike-iPod shoe. But that doesn't mean they've somehow escaped the Reality Distortion Field. Impossible! No, it simply means they're probably not runners, not in this particular target and that they'll just have to wait while Apple finalizes a blogger iPod.

In the meantime, Diane Mermigas explains the true meaning of it all: "The Apple-Nike initiative is evidence of what is possible when even unlikely allies study and respond to detailed data about how technology-empowered consumers spend their money and time....something as mundane as a pair of running shoes can be transformed into a multimedia center that supports consumer habits and preferences in ways never before imagined. All it took was Apple realizing that more than half of its estimated 45 million iPod owners use the device in their routine workouts...."

This is a good article and Mermigas is pretty brainy. Not just anyone can go from running shoes to cellphones to the death of network TV in just a few paragraphs.

The only false note: "'All kinds of consumer data are up for grabs, and all of it is becoming increasingly important,' Forrester analyst Nikki Baird writes in a Trends 2006 report. 'That includes identifying the consumer and tying all online and offline transactional information together with behavioral information.'" Which sounds so yummy and fun but transactional data means credit card data and until companies can demonstrate the ability to safeguard that info, those plans may have to wait.

Better stick with Jobs.

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