Friday, May 05, 2006

The sun shines bright on my old sponsorship deal

The Yum Kentucky Derby deal will be tastefully executed -- they promise! -- but let's still give thanks that Charlsie Cantey is, after all these years, spared the humiliation of actually saying "the Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum Brands."

Also, let's salute the remaining marquee events that haven't given in just yet:

"Few sporting events have the history and prestige of the Derby, and fewer still remain unaffixed with a corporate nametag at this late date. One obvious candidate is the Indianapolis 500....'You can never say never, but under current ownership and management I don't see that happening,' said Indy 500 spokesman Ron Green. 'It is known worldwide and has elevated the status of the community. It means a great deal not only to the city leaders but to the Speedway's ownership. That's a fact of which we are quite proud. The Indy 500 is just not for sale.' The automobile race and the track where it is run are privately held, owned by the family that makes, among other things, Clabber Girl baking powder. Other events in the same league with the Run for the Roses might be the Masters golf tournament or the U.S. Open of tennis -- both also free of the highest level of sponsorship."

Wait. The Masters? Even without Hootie?

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