Monday, May 22, 2006

Your long memory surprises Mr Pressler

It's like Gap's CEO isn't even trying any more: "On the late-day conference call with analysts and investors, Pressler vowed again, nearly verbatim from prior calls, that he and other top executives at the apparel giant 'remain confident in our turnaround strategies under way in each of our businesses.' Repeating promises he made in both the third and fourth quarters of the last fiscal year, the chief executive said that the tide would turn...."

It gets better: the "American-casual style that people have so long associated with Gap would be back and prove popular again, according to Pressler. The missed fashion trends (think embellished denim) are a thing of the past. Advertising will be back in its full, powerful force and Old Navy is even looking for a replacement to the Magic the Dog mascot."

Dog = solid recovery plan? Yeah it does!

Better cross your fingers for the online shoe store.

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