Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Years later, the fin de siecle spirit is still with us

Now see, this is why I love the NYPost. A story about sponsored party houses would be interesting enough:

"As a Hamptons business model - co-branding a summer house with a nightclub, then soliciting corporations to sponsor the house through stealth advertising (stocking the fridge with booze, furnishing every room, supplying next year's luxury cars) - it's hardly new....Marquee's Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss perfected the concept with the PlayStation House in 2001."

But only the Post can capture the telling details that make satire completely unnecessary:

"'B-list promoters are also doing houses - the Hampton Bays sort of crowd....I heard Hawaiian Tropic gave [promoter] Brantley Harrison a chunk of money,' Cardosa continues, 'but I'm not really into the Hawaiian Tropic crowd.... Those girls can look a little bit like strippers. I'll never have guidos or big DJs that draw a crowd - that's Pink Elephant. Not to put anybody down.'"

Oh no. Not to put anybody down.

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