Friday, January 11, 2008

"It's a fine monument to you, sir"

Via Virginia Postrel, a look at flag design. Gambia, you win!

Honestly, though, can you discuss this topic without mentioning General Garcia? No. You cannot. "If it wasn't for the church, this flag would be flying at the U.N right now. But no . . . they stand in the way, THEY STAND IN THE WAY!"


Suniverse said...

I have no idea who General Garcia is, but that is an AWESOME look at flags. Who knew there were so many hideous ones? And putting the address on it? WTF, Nicaraugua?

Irene Done said...

I loved the judging criteria and the grading symbols, "Colonial Nonsense" being my favorite.

General Garcia is a character from The In-Laws--he's the eccentric and corrupt dictator of a Latin American country. At one point, he gives a tour of his palace to a couple of Americans and he reveals to them his design for his nation's new flag: a black velvet portrait of himself in full uniform -- beside a topless prostitute. It's one of my favorite movies.