Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"It's possible that 'every single one [of Zale's directors] can and will be replaced'"

Again, the best way to keep track of Dallas-Ft Worth business is to read the New York papers. A rebel investor! That's so totally Star Wars! Help them Richard Breeden, you're their only hope.

OK. Maybe I was wrong about the local papers. There's this Star-Telegram piece about RadioShack's new vp of store operations—it's complete with signing bonus figures which I think total over $1 million when you include stock options. The guy's from Blockbuster. Is that a good move? Quick, go ask someone at Bombay Company. Oh wait. Like millions of voices, suddenly silenced.


James-H said...

Where will I find my old world knockoffs? The OLD WORLD?? FUCK!

HighJive said...

honestly thought the line meant zale's commercial directors would be replaced. that would be even better news.

Irene Done said...

I don't think anyone's safe.