Sunday, January 20, 2008

The pigeons in Paris

Poop too much: "Paris is installing pigeon lofts throughout the city in its latest attempt to control the population of the birds that leave their droppings on the French capital's monuments." Here's how it works: "Employees of Srep, a pest control company based in suburban Paris, will enter each pigeon house at least once a week when the birds are out feeding, and will sterilize all but one of each couple's eggs. A vigorous shake is enough to kill the embryo, Contassot said. The eggs will be put back in place so as not to alert the mother." They do this because animal rights activists have protested other methods. But wouldn't a shotgun blast be kinder?

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James-H said...

My parking garage has a scary-real fake owl that sits on a ledge, staring threateningly into the streets below. Scared the fuck out of me the other night after dark.

I don't know about keeping the pigeons from pooping though: I almost shit myself when I saw it's head turn.