Thursday, March 20, 2008

But shopping at Target can be fun

Is this the perfect description of this season's American Idol: "I’m sure they’re very nice people, and dedicated musicians, but watching them perform is a lot like shopping at Target: they’re cute knockoffs with no apparent substance or enduring appeal." Or is that too brutal a kick at the store? I mean, like everyone else in this country, I thoroughly understand the quick trip to Target that turns into an $87 spree but I'd never cough up that kind of money for an Idol.

Except for Melinda Doolittle. And maybe Chikezie.

On a just barely related note, why is it that you can smell the desperation when Sears runs a spot on Idol?

And oh yeah! One more thing. Does iPhone suffer just a little by being associated with the show? "Ryan...grabs an iPhone from a girl in the crowd and proceeds to shill for it in a manner than even he finds demeaning. Ryan Seacrest thinks this is crass. Wow."

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