Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is it an interview? Or a commercial? O, the confusion!

Over the last year or so, The Ticket--"North Texas' first and only 24-hour sports radio station"--has begun to feature sponsored interviews--spinterviews?--on their morning show. These are short, live, pleasant phone conversations with Bo Jackson, Lee Majors, and similarly faded-from-the-spotlight celebrities. You can tell it's sponsored because the exchange always begins with the host asking, "So we understand you have a message about life insurance/financial advice/dessert topping-floor cleaner." With the endorsement out of the way, everyone goes on to predictably re-live the glory days.

It's a little cheap. Not for the celebrity but I think for a radio station and especially for the irreverent Ticket. Mostly it adds nothing to the show.

Wish they'd stop.

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