Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Imagine being that young

Aside from Danny wordlessly insinuating that Ryan Seacrest is totally gay [!!!!!], the most interesting moment from last night's Idol was this: David Archuleta [squeal] getting slammed by Simon [boo] for singing depressing songs two weeks in a row. David furrowed his beautiful, innocent, incredulous brow and blurted out: "Is 'Imagine' a depressing song?" Simon insisted that it is.

But when you're 17, isn't 'Imagine' a song of potential? It challenges you to overcome the worst of human nature and to make the world better. Right? It's only when you're older—on your second marriage, charging restylane treatments to your amex and resentful of the asshat who is now your boss—it's then that the song seems mournful and resigned.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, like Jordin from last year, I think home-schooled teenagers can sometimes get away with singing songs of great and even overwrought emotion exactly because their innocence takes that song in a new direction. But Simon will never think so because he never quite believes in innocence.


Anonymous said...

Talk to me about the dread-haired guy! No one here watches the dang show--and I've had Halleluja running around in my head all night. Am I in love or just overtired??

Irene Done said...

I could talk all day about Jason Castro. Holy moly I loved that performance.

And how old is he? Like 21? And he knows Leonard Cohen songs? Unbelievable.

I have to say when I first saw him, with that hair, I thought he'd be all attitude and I was ready to hate. But now I love.