Friday, March 28, 2008

Hair today

Did P&G buy Frederic Fekkai's haircare brand to atone for their Vidal Sassoon sins?

"'Fekkai is...a demonstration of our desire to win with key brands in the prestige channel,' said Randall Chinchilla, a spokesman for P&G's beauty business....The French-born Fekkai will have an ongoing role, P&G said. 'He will continue to drive creative efforts, brand image and product developments,' Chinchilla said. Besides hair care products for women and men, Fekkai has salons in New York City, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Dallas and Palm Beach, Fla."

First, how wonderful is it that P&G's beauty spokesman is named Chinchilla? Well done!

Second, this whole thing sounds like what Procter tried to do with Vidal Sassoon. That ended in a lawsuit. Well, I guess it actually ended in a settlement but not before P&G turned the man's name into a meaningless bargain brand.

Now: let's talk stripper hair. Again. Remember, I am looking for a middle-agish woman with "big and bold colorful hair, lots of it" who somehow manages not to look totally ridiculous. Is it even possible? After seeing the new Diane von Furstenberg American Express spots, I say yes. That is stripper hair, isn't it? Or obscure European royalty hair? Or drag queen hair? Is there a difference? Please advise.


Suniverse said...

O.k., that is good stripper hair, but not SLUTTY stripper hair.

Drag queen hair will be more done, I think. Not as windswept and moveable. Not that moveable hair is big in TX, right?

I'd stay away from obscure European royalty hair, though. That seems way too shellacked.

I think you need to do this.

thombeau said...

If there's a difference, it is so subtle that it's literally a matter of splitting hairs!

Irene Done said...

Suniverse -- I definitely don't want shellacked. Might cause some kind of dangerous chemical reaction with all that bold color I'm going for.

Thombeau -- I might have agreed with you until it became a matter of my own hair. Now these distinctions have become so vitally important, it's all I think about. Ever. All day long.

By the way, I love Fabulon.