Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gather ye extensions while ye may

Yesterday I confessed that I've decided to grow my hair long. Specifically, I want big, boldly colored stripper hair and while this is not an uncommon goal among Dallas women, in my case, sadly, it's kind of a midlife crisis thing. Only a few more years and some image consultant will quietly take me aside to discuss age-appropriate fashion choices. That is going to suck. This is my last shot.

Suniverse's reply cheered me up: "Awesome! I need photos of the stripper hair!"

You know: so do I! I'm realizing this is a subject I don't know much about. Where do I go to ask for such a style? And what role models are out there for me?

So far, I've only found this. And oh yeah this.

I'll keep looking.


Suniverse said...

Oh, my god. How much do I love those photos???

You totally need to do this . . . except maybe I'd go with Anna Nicole Smith or Dolly Parton hair.

Keep me updated! I'm glad I cheered you up.


Irene Done said...

Anna Nicole and Dolly are excellent suggestions. I remember seeing an interview with Dolly Parton once -- she was standing in front of shelves and shelves of her wigs. So all this might take more artifice than I thought.

Still, I think I'm up to it.

James-H said...

Two words: Amanda Overmyer

Irene Done said...

I know Amanda has that whiskeyish, chain-smoker voice normally associated with dancers who first studied their craft at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club but she is in fact only in her 20s. Much too young for my purposes. No. I'm looking for women with a little age on them, who keep the big ol' stripper hair and somehow make it look very special.

Although: that two-tone look might be what I end up with after all is said and done. Who knows? I'm open to ideas.