Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Evidently no one is interested in a fully clothed Lindsay Lohan

Was Lindsay Lohan dropped from the Jill Stuart ad campaign and if so, why?

"Has Lohan hurt her ability to land high-profile endorsement deals with her tabloid antics...and her immodest New York pictorial? Not necessarily, but it hasn't helped either, says Trey Laird, whose creative firm, Laird + Partners, has cast numerous top stars in its campaigns. 'I think the thing that would really enhance her viability for campaigns is a great, well-received movie,' says Laird. 'At the end of the day, the special campaign option will go to people who project continued success, confidence and authenticity, and that is a lot she has been missing.'"

Success, confidence and authenticity. That's pretty interesting. I just want to do a quick inventory of beauty-category-endorsing famous women and see if they match up with that criteria.

Drew Barrymore (CoverGirl): OK, sure.
Beyonce (L'Oreal): Yes. Definitely. Gawd!
Queen Latifah (CoverGirl): Yes. Even though.
Kate Moss (Calvin Klein): Somehow yeah?
Sarah Jessica Parker (Garnier): I'd vote no because her husband creeps me out and because I hated 'Sex & The City.' I realize I'm alone in these opinions.
Paris Hilton (Parlux fragrance): [Shrug. Blank stare.]

OK. Now I'm just confused. Maybe, for whatever reasons, some people are scandal-proof. Maybe ex-Disney kid stars aren't. Something the Jonas Brothers might want to consider about now.


Suniverse said...

Every time I read you, I love you more and more.


Also, SJP is so skeevy, I've hated her since Square Pegs. She's just not right.

Also Drew Barrymore - ugh. Not funny. Not cute. Not sweet.

Sorry for the bile!

Irene Done said...

Bile is always perfectly OK here.

For the life of me, I never understood what was supposed to be clever or empowering about S&TC.

I'm neutral on Drew Barrymore. I don't rush out to see her movies and in fact I confuse a lot of Barrymore's movies with Kate Hudson's. But I do admire how she's rehabbed her image and I admire that she's carved out this successful rom-com niche for herself.

But I can't believe I forgot to mention Diane Keaton. I'd say she's authentic, right? She said the f word right there on a morning news show, right there in front of Diane Sawyer and that's pretty confident, isn't it?

Make the logo bigger said...

I just came for the not fully clothed Linds... wait, she’s fully clothed? Why am I here then. I know, it’s the shared hatred of SITC.

I can’t even bring myself to spell it out I hate it so much.

Irene Done said...

Ha! The movie may fail after all!