Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Not that moveable hair is big in TX, right?"

Suniverse brings up a good question. There are certain popularly held beliefs about Texas hair and we like to make light-hearted fun of it all but do these stereotypes actually hold up to serious examination? Let's take a look:

Ginger Rogers (Fort Worth)

Candy Barr (Edna)

Ann Richards (Waco)

Barbara Jordan (Houston)

Anna Nicole (Mexia)

Lady Bird Johnson (Karnack)

Jason Castro (Rowlett)

No. Moveable hair seems to be unimportant to Texans. (Exception that proves the rule: Eva Longoria Parker.)

This is probably a necessity instead of an aesthetic choice. The weather here is always some combination of windy, humid and hot and you need a hairdo that's gonna stand up to that. Right, Governor?


Suniverse said...

O.k., LOVING Candy Barr - who is she, besides the most awesomest woman ever?

Miss Ann Richards.

I think you could get away with the Anna Nicole hair - it's a bit silkier than most, almost Eva LP like.

Tyler Perry - hee hee.

Irene Done said...

Candy Barr was a burlesque queen/stripper/porn star/most awesomest woman ever. I think she was one of the star performers at Jack Ruby's club but I may be mixing up my Dallas history there. In my quick image search, that was the only photo I could find of her with clothes on.

I don't think I could have Ann Richards hair without the help of several assistants. Anna Nicole hair is much more attainable.