Thursday, March 20, 2008

Was the American Way magazine not appealing to you?

The Amazon Kindle and the end of bookstores: "In five or ten years, I convinced myself, this would all be wiped clean and replaced by an E-Reader only product-pushing pagoda. Or better yet, a monolithic vending machine, because in my 'not-so-distant-future' of a fantasy world I’m far too baked off legalized cannabis to coherently interact with other humans at a point of sale purchase."

But first: tragedy strikes. It's my favorite Kevin Pereira post ever and it ends with a user-generated 30-spot for Amazon. Heeeee!

UPDATE: Borders obliges with a 9% drop in profits. But this is interesting: "Last month, Borders opened the first of its new concept stores near its Ann Arbor headquarters. The store is designed to be a place where downloading e-books and burning CDs go hand in hand with browsing the shelves." Still awaiting word on the cannabis.

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