Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blagojevich seems to be auditioning for the job of talk show host

No one loves a crazy, chatty, allegedly corrupt Dem more than Fox News Channel and so far, I think the Illinois governor has appeared on four separate FNC shows. Is he hurting his case? Or is he looking further ahead? Impeachment is a given but the criminal trial will be a different matter. Prison time or not, he's going to need a new career path and why shouldn't he consider television? Former governor Mike Huckabee has a show. Former federal inmate Martha Stewart has a show. As Greta constantly reminded everyone last night, she, like the governor, is a lawyer and she has a show. Blagojevich's big hair and unwrinkled face is as remarkable as Geraldo's and Rivera has a show. Strange, compelling, able to keep talking through tough situations -- Blagojevich is perfect for TV.

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