Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's time for Fortnight

Neiman Marcus is "'looking for all kinds of ideas that are not price-driven' to lure shoppers to its high-priced stores - including stepped-up service and special events" says CEO Tansky. Quick! Bring back Fortnight! Bring it back to downtown Dallas. Now. Please.

After all Stanley Marcus "created Fortnight to offset the pre-Christmas sales slump." And he believed that “Fortnight was a cultural event as well as a marketing event....I was very insistent about bringing in folk art, music, dancers, paintings and other things that we wouldn’t sell but that would help educate.” So much glamour. So much good will. Please.

Oh. Maybe it doesn't square with Tanksy's belief that "'the rich don't want to look rich anymore - it isn't cool or chic.'" I don't know about that though. Some of the guys at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction last night were very openly, very publicly throwing around great gobs of money. To those gentlemen, I say: well done. And: helloooo.

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