Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prepare to see a lot of Aretha hats in Dallas

The bowtie design is a hit: the "$179 inaugural hat was designed, produced and sold to the Queen of Soul by Mr. Song Millinery, a family-owned business on Woodward Avenue just south of W. Grand Boulevard, a couple of blocks from the Fisher Building. Starting minutes after Franklin finished her distinctive rendition of 'My County ‘Tis of Thee' Tuesday, the store’s phones started ringing. By this afternoon, they had sold hundreds of hats. A store they work with in Dallas had sold 500 more."

See though, you may need to be nicknamed queen of something to really carry that off. But we should all be happy that hats have been rescued from the unfortunate past.

That got me thinking that inaugural outfits are sort of like Super Bowl commercials. Everybody notices. Everybody has to comment. Except that advertisers embrace the outrageous and some creative teams even seem OK with infamy. Things are much tougher for first ladies.

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