Friday, January 16, 2009

Will Suze Orman kill the restaurant industry?

When Suze Orman appeared on "Oprah" last week -- castigating audience members for their stupid, stupid, out-of-control stupid spending -- she recommended three little baby steps to take towards living within a budget: 1) go a day without spending any money 2) go a week without using credit cards and 3) go a month without eating at restaurants.

It was this last item that made the audience gasp. Or maybe that was just me. I didn't realize that almost half of our food budget is spent in restaurants so she has a point. It's still a harsh demand to make on working parents. And on people who live in tiny city apartments. And on people who have long commutes. And on people who like cappuccino. And on people who make excuses.

Also, it would be terrible for the 10% of Texans who work in food service.


Suniverse said...

Those helpful hints make me crazy. Particularly if you ARE doing all that stuff (o.k., except maybe not eating out) and it's all still shitty.


Irene Done said...

I know. The whole show was irritating in so many ways.