Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Details, details

Probably it should have been noted who, among these unemployed people, had a nice severance package. Probably you can guess. I can't help thinking that for "truck drivers, secretaries and everybody" -- nice! -- these stories might seem odd and unhelpful.


Suniverse said...

Evidently I am not tan enough to get a job. That's my mistake.

I'll be out by the pool. The frozen, snow covered pool.

Make the logo bigger said...

The headline made me think of an idea for a Microsoft cologne ad:

“Somewhere between panic and productivity... lies Vista.”

(If, MS made cologne.)

Irene Done said...

Rejected headlines:

"Somewhere between tanning and marathon-training..."

"Pros advise unemployed: Try to time joblessness to warm-weather months"

"We're all screwed!"

Make the logo bigger said...

And for the homeless too. If you’re gonna do it, pick California or Florida. Beaches and boardwalks, win-win!