Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Digital product placement: is this the best idea we got?

This is what they mean by a slippery slope. First, no one protests when Jabba the Hutt is inserted in the updated Episode 4 and now look: Kelloggs can make crackers appear in sitcom reruns. We should have seen it coming.

But just because you can digitally add a product into any scene of any show, should you? "Stacey Lynn Koerner, executive vice president for research at ad-buying agency Initiative, said much depends on how the placement is used. 'If the brand is striving to be considered as hip or on the cutting edge, and it is placed contextually in an environment with a very cool, hip character, repetitively ... there may be some value in that.'"

Yes, there may be. And tomorrow there may be monkeys flying out of my...oh never mind. I'm so underwhelmed by the small-time thinking here, I can't go on. Go ahead. Play around with your big computers in post, I don't care. Thing is, I bet no one else cares either.

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