Friday, February 17, 2006

The Mars Blackmon Return: should I start the countdown or what?

Unless you're Josh Elliott's mom, you probably don't watch ESPN's Classic Now show. And usually that would be OK. Josh, cute as he is, can ramble. But on Wednesday, the guest was Spike Lee and the subject was Mars Blackmon so I endured the wordiness for an entire segment.

Cards on the table? I love those old Nike spots. I weep at their purity. You know, journalists have Woodward and Bernstein. Actors have Brando. Me, I have Weiden and Spike Lee and I think no one's come close to such perfection since. I wish I could find a transcript so I could check Lee's exact words because as much as he was there to hype the new Air Jordans, he seemed equally dedicated to giving credit to Knight, Weiden + Kennedy, and the original creative team. All of whom he mentioned. By name.

And then Lee did something that caused my ad heart -- which is like a human heart but smaller and coin-operated -- to skip a beat. He seemed to imply, maybe even plead, that he wants to bring Mars back for a new spot. I held my breath. I waited for details. And I watched as Josh changed the subject.

So I dunno. Maybe there'll be a new Nike spot to make me misty-eyed and nostalgic. Maybe not. I'm just gonna have to wait. Thanks a lot, Josh.

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