Friday, February 10, 2006

Downhill fast

When Sly Stone ran backstage to hurl at the Grammys, was it really stagefright or simply a ratings premonition? At least now it can said with certainty: if you want to pursue a comeback of any consequence, you're going to have to do it via a theme night on Idol. Just ask Barry Manilow.

This of course bodes ill for the Olympics. NBC is wondering if anyone will watch while athletes are wondering about their payday. After all, if there are no overly long, tear-filled profile packages, how is anyone supposed to get an endorsement deal? Give a sequin-wearing ice dancer a break!

But upheaval can be fun. Just tune in February 23 to see. "A perfect storm is brewing that night. NBC's Olympics coverage, including the women's figure skating finals (aka the Winter Olympics Ratings Motherlode), must overcome not only that 'Idol' show...but also the final night of competition on the second edition of ABC's hit 'Dancing With the Stars' and an original episode of CBS's reality staple 'Survivor.'"

Can't wait.

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