Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Pixar Karma test

It's not exactly news that Michael Eisner is still a prick but it is interesting to review the current status of all those, who at one time or another, rebuffed Pixar.

George Lucas: after selling Pixar to Steve Jobs for divorce cash, Lucas' story is a mixed bag. He owes everyone on the planet an apology for Episode 1 and he still has the worst ear ever for dialogue. On the upside, Sith won a People's Choice Award!

Jeffrey Katzenberg: as head of Disney animation, he negotiated the original Disney-Pixar distribution deals and screwed Pixar over when it came to production compensation. Current status: SEC investigation.

Michael Eisner: famously turned down the chance to buy Pixar at the Lucas family garage sale but worse, he too antagonized Jobs during subsequent negotiations. Present situation: struggling talk show host -- on CNBC.

Of course, this is just a cursory examination. The lesson, though, couldn't be clearer. Now is a good time to become Robert Iger's best friend, neighbor or adoptive child because as history shows us, fortune is kind to those who are kind to Pixar.

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