Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fallon's Trump moment

ADWEEK continues their quest to squeeze a story out of the Silburn-Fallon turnip. This week, they worry about Pat Fallon's bluntness. "When Pat Fallon terminated ecd Paul Silburn in January, he took an unusual step: He said so."

Meanwhile, I'm worried about the people ADWEEK interviews. Amid all the hand-wringing about the need to look gracious, avoid lawsuits and not burn bridges, no one is worried at all about the fired employee. That person's fate -- their family, mortgage, relationship with colleagues -- evidently isn't a factor.

Am I naive? Don't we sugar-coat such announcements partly out of a sense of decency? Out of a sincere wish not to totally screw someone over? People who get fired eventually have to get back out there and make a living again. Do you honestly want your press release to prevent them from doing that? Yes? Well then: expect it to affect your Q quotient.

On a related note, if you ever do get forced out, is it really a compliment to be called "'the Jiminy Cricket for the organization?'"


American Copywriter said...

Great post, Irene. Unfortunately, I think all the spin has more to do with avoiding lawyers and less to do with basic human decency.

Irene Done said...

Who knew lawyers would be the ones to bring out our better side? If they're to thank for the performance-neutral, vaguely worded wishes of good luck -- so be it!