Saturday, February 11, 2006

Me to BSG: dammit we need Kara Thrace on that wall!

So the kids over at Television Without Pity are heart-broken about Billy. I am too. A shocking, gut-wrenching loss. But I'm just as sick about Starbuck who has, in only one week, lost her top gun status and nearly killed yet another Adama brother. All while maybe not having her ovaries.

Look, I don't know where you Battlestar writers are going with this but leave Kara Thrace alone. I love her. She's a bully and a drunkard and a daredevil and through it all: hot! And funny! That's something we've never seen on TV. I like that. I don't want a weakened, chastened, no-skills-havin' Starbuck because where's the post-feminist fun in that? And if you minimize the one actress in Hollywood who can convincingly throw a punch, you'll have truly wasted a precious gift.

She better be back on the road to recovery is all I'm sayin.' Because it's this simple: I want my heroines to be doomed, brave, fucked-up, brilliant and licentious and if you can't understand that, then -- then maybe we don't have a future together.


darkcoffee said...

Irene, I had a vision that the Lords of Kobol have heard your prayer...

Irene Done said...

That's either a hopeful sign or evidence that you're back on the hallucinogens. I'm encouraged either way.