Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Are citronella candles the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people?


But: styrofoam coolers are still the best thing ever. Bonus points if there's a beer logo on the side.


Make the logo bigger said...

Better still, I have a cooler in the shape of a fake Sears Die-Hard battery.

American promotional styrofoam at its finest.

darkcoffee said...

Hey, citronella works fine so long as you soak yourself in DEET first. It's probably all the fault of her wicked stepsisters.

SuzanH said...

Fucking citronella.

I'd burn it in effigy, but that's probably more potent.

Irene Done said...

OK, this right here? It's now my favorite collection of comments.

Bring the Die-Hard battery cooler over and I'll fill it with beer and free cans of OFF for everyone!