Friday, July 28, 2006

"We listened to consumers who said they want to eat fresh fruit, but apparently they lied."

Wha? People aren't honest in focus groups? But they're getting paid!


Make the logo bigger said...

That people could even notice the salad on the menu when faced with a triple decker combo and Mega-King-Size soda would be a miracle.

For some, salad is the lettuce on the burger.

Irene Done said...

What is this Mega-King-Size soda you speak of? Can anyone buy one? Is it sugary?

That article bothered me in so many ways. First, the nannyism of the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the NYTimes. How dare anyone make a choice they don't approve of! I had to wade half-way thru that article until finally learning the truth -- people have heard the nutrition message and they've rejected it. The question isn't how should fast food chains respond to that -- they're in a business.

If the CSPI really cared about what they do instead of how many donations they can attract, they'd be doing some soul-searching about now. Why don't people listen to them? Why is the NYTimes not an effective communications tool for targeting stoner teens? Why don't people like to be nagged? Gosh. I have no idea!

Make the logo bigger said...

Why, it’s the sugeriest.